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    1. Research
-socket(client server)
          -ascenlink-4 (3G network interface measurement)
          -network topology architecture 2014.05.12
          -system implementation architecture  2014.05.12
            -layer 2 or layer 3 headers change 2014.05.05
            -system detailed information picture 2014.06.16
            -architecture Cisco 2901 and OpenFlow load balance 3G router  2014.10.10   
          -system implementation algorithms
            -load balance v1 2014.05.12
            -load balance v2 2014.06.19
            -load balance v3(modification writing) 2014.06.25
            -load balance v4(modifcation name) 2014.07.06
            -ICMP Redirect v1 2014.06.25
            -ICMP Redirect v2(modifcation name) 2014.07.06
          -Ryu Controller :
            -load balance (code) v1(one user) 2014.05.12
            -load balance (code) v2(more user) 2014.06.21
            -load balance (code) v3(new add ICMP Redirect) 2014.06.27
         -Comparison performance measurement baseline
            -Cisco 2901 and OpenFlow load balance 3G 2014.08.09
        -efficient analysis
            -shell script (automatic calculation) 2014.08.25
            -shell script (automatic command) 2015.01.05
            -shell script (choose algorithms) 2015.01.10   
        -Cisco 2901 3G  file
            -3G High-Speed WAN Interface Card Solution Deployment Guide 2014.09.09
            -Cisco 3G Wireless WAN Enhanced High-Speed WAN Interface Cards for Cisco Integrated Services Routers Generation 2 Q&A 2014.09.09
            -Cisco 3G Wireless WAN Configuration Example reference link 2014.09.09

    2. Paper 
Fault-Tolerant ZigBee/TCPIP Translators in Smart Grid   
Host Identity Protocol (HIP): Connectivity, Mobility, Multi-Homing, Security, and Privacy over IPv4 and IPv6 Networks   
          -A Transport Layer Approach for Achieving Aggregate Bandwidths on Multi-Homed Mobile Hosts   

An Adaptive TCP Bandwidth Aggregation Mechanism for Multi-homed Mobile Hosts   
          -A Seamless and Proactive End-to-End Mobility Solution for Roaming Across Heterogeneous Wireless Networks   
    exp  2013.05.28
          -A Novel Bandwidth Aggregation System Using Multiple Physical Links          2013.07.02
          -Performance Modeling of Bandwidth Aggregation for TCP Connections       
Bandwidth aggregation in heterogeneous wireless networks: A survey of current approaches and issues      
Communication using Multiple Wireless Interfaces           2013.08.18
          -QuagFlow: Partnering Quagga with OpenFlow   
          -A.S. Sairam, G. Barua, Load Balancing Inbound Traffic in Multihomed Stub Autonomous Systems, 2009 First International  Conference on Communication Systems and Networks and Workshops, Jan. 2009.
          -A.S. Sairam, G. Barua, Distributed Route Control Schemes to Load Balance Incoming Traffic in Multihomed Stub Networks, 2010 National Conference on Communications, Jan. 2010.
          -H. Long, Y. Shen, M. Guo, F. Tang, LABERIO: Dynamic load-balanced routing in OpenFlow-enabled networks, 2013 IEEE 27th International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications, Mar. 2013.
          -Sher Decusatis, C.J. ; Carranza, A. ; Decusatis, C.M. "Communication within Clouds: Open Standards and Proprietary Protocols for Data Center Networking", IEEE Communications Magazine, Sep. 2012
Zhihao Shang , Wenbo Chen ,Qiang Ma ,Bin Wu, "Design and implementation of server cluster dynamic load balancing based on OpenFlow", 2013 International Joint Conference on Awareness Science and Technology and Ubi-Media Computing, Nov. 2013
-Yang Fan, Gondi Vamsu,  Hallstrom Jason O, Wang Kuang-Ching, Eidson Gene,"OpenFlow-based load balancing for wireless mesh infrastructure ", 2014 IEEE 11th Conference on Consumer Communications and Networking,  Jan. 2014
        -Koerner M, Odej Kao, "Multiple service load-balancing with OpenFlow ", 2012 IEEE 13th International Conference on High Performance Switching and Routing, June. 2012
Huaiyu Wen, Guangchun Luo, "Load Balance Routing Protocol in Wireless Mesh Network Based on Cross-Layer Knowledge ", 2013 Fifth International Conference on Computational and Information Sciences, June. 2013
H.Hasan and J.Cosmas,"Load Balance & Congestion Avoidance in EIGRP Networks by using the Characteristics of the OpenFlow Protocol", Tenth International Network Conference, pp47-58, 2014     
Put:20141127 , Read:20141203
        -Watashiba Y. , Hirabara S. , Date S. , Abe H. , Ichikawa K. , Kido Y. , Shimojo S. , Takemura H. , "OpenFlow Network Visualization Software
with Flow Control Interface
", 2013 IEEE 37th Annual Conference on Computer Software and Applications Conference, July. 2013    
Put:20141207 , Read:20141211
        -Sakir Sezer, Sandra Scott-Hayward, and Pushpinder Kaur Chouhan,"Are we ready for SDN? Implementation challenges for software-defined networks", IEEE Communications Magazine, July 2013        Put:20141223 Read:

    3. PPT

    4. thesis

   5. oral

    6. Reading Queue




    1.wireshark installation

     2. VRRP
Server compile)

     3. Ascenlink
 -ascenlink-1 (3G network interface configuration)
         -ascenlink-2 (3G network wiring)
         -ascenlink-3 (load balance configuration)
         -ascenlink set up 20150206

     4. Cisco router 2901 3G Configuration 2013.05.22

     5. Bandwidth-Aggregation Configuration     2013.05.22

     6. two network configuration    2013.05.22

     7. iperf
iperf installation 2013.05.22
         -iperf  (new add CentOS 6.4 installation) 2014.05.19
         -iperf parameter description 2014.05.19

     8. Zebra installation and configuration 2013.07.02

     9. CVS
CVS Installation    2013.07.23
             -CVS operate    2013.07.28                                   

     10. Makefile Installation and configuration   2013.07.28

     11. Routeflow Installation and configuration

    12. Ryu Controller Installation 

     13. OpenFlow_1.3_wireshark Installation 2014.04.08

     14. Open vSwitch Installation and Configuration 2014.04.30

     15. SAPIDO Configuration  2014.05.05

     16. htpasswd Configuration 2014.05.12

     17. Cisco syslog configure 2014.10.11

     18. MRTG installation and configuration 2014.11.20